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How to be SUPER in library. Starring Mrs. Derr’s First Grade

IMG_6995SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Always use Shelf Markers.

Shelf markers hold your place when you are trying to decide if you like the book or not. Please leave them in so you know where you took the book from, so you can return it without a mess if you do not want the book. If you decide that is your library book please return the shelf markers to their container.



IMG_6998SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Stand in line and wait their turn.

Be like Batman 😉 Please wait at the library desk area in a straight quiet line and be patient as the Librarian may be away from the desk for a moment or two helping another student.




IMG_7033SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Help each other.

Using the Catalog is a great way to find a book! These Super heroes are working together to find a perfect book! Working together and being kind is ALWAYS SUPER!






SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…are kind and respectful FRIENDS!

Treating everyone with kindness and respect is the number one rule in library. We are a learning community and kindness and friendship makes our community GREAT!!




IMG_7004SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…Choose Just Right Books.

The perfect book for you is waiting! Choosing a just right book isn’t hard but it takes some work. Pick something you are interested in, but also read a page to see if It is a good fit (not too easy not too hard.) You can use the 5 Finger Rule to check. Read a page and put up a finger for every word you DO NOT KNOW. If you have 3-5 Fingers up this book may be too hard.  Using this test you can find a book that matches you PERFECTLY!!


IMG_7007SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Work well in groups

Being able to work in a group is SUPER! Give everyone a chance to participate and treat your group with respect and you will accomplish so much!




When you are finished looking for books work quietly with your group.  Quiet activities include: reading, puzzles, magazines, coloring, looking at yearbooks…



IMG_7014SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…..Read at their tables for DEAR time. 

DEAR means Drop Everything and Read. The last 5 minutes of class is dedicated to quietly reading at your table enjoying the new book you  picked out!




Keep these Rules in Mind and you will have a SUPER LIBRARY CLASS PERIOD!!!! 🙂

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Thank you!!!!

Thank you to the Cook Family for this beautiful creation they gifted me with this  week! I may have cried because it is the sweetest thing I have ever been given in my 11 years teaching! Their kindness knows no limit and their Artistic ability is off the charts too!!! I am beyond appreciative of the wonderful families I have had the great joy of having in my life through teaching and through the PTO library volunteers!   Dallas is filled with amazing people and it truely is a wonderful place to teach!!

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Thank you!

Thank you again for your support of our Book Fair, as of 8:40pm last night the book fair has been packed up and the room is back to being a library…which may break some hearts but we had a GREAT week!!!

Online shopping continues for one more week:

Thank you to all the PTO volunteers who helped with students and to the PTO book fair committee and the executive council for their hours upon hours of work helping this week be s success!

Here are some photos I snapped, if anyone would like to email me photos they took I will post them. I believe the Dallas Post was out an about on Book Fair Night so maybe some familiar faces will be in the paper as well!






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PTO and UGI put on a reading event at DES Library

Thank you to the PTO Reading is Fundemental Commitee and UGI for a great first RIF Book give-out!! RIF is a federal grant program that matches schools with Sponsor companities who purchase free books for students. It is a program we have been doing with the UGI company for over 20 years.

The PTO plans a party day and UGI representatives come to give out the books. This session we had guest readers: parents/UGI and a craft (bookmarks) the students then selected RIF books that UGI purchased and as an extra treat they were also given UGI Reading Wizard coloring books! Thank you to everyone involved, all of the classes were so excited and love their new books and bookmarks!

Monday’s Class
Tuesday’s Class
Wednesday’s class
Thursday’s Class
Friday’s Class
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Youth Media Awards coming in Late January

American Library Association Youth Media Awards


Each year the American Library Association honors books, videos, and other outstanding materials for children and teens. Recognized worldwide for the high quality they represent, the ALA Youth Media Awards, including the prestigious, Coretta Scott King Book, Caldecott, Newbery, and Printz Awards,  guide parents, educators, librarians, and others in selecting the best materials for youth. Selected by committees composed of librarians and other literature and media experts, the awards encourage original and creative work in the field of children’s and young adult literature and media.

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Happy Halloween!

  • Dallas Education Association (Teacher Union) Trick or Treat Table at the Luzerne County Fair Grounds…so much fun, so much candy! lol




  • Halloween at our Schools is always such a fun time! I loved dressing up for both the WES Superhero theme and our DES Specials Wizard of Oz Theme



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Wycallis Book Fair: Oct 17-Oct 21

180119_bookaneer_book_fair_clip_art_logoOct 17-Oct 21 at the library
Oct 17-Nov 4 ONLINE

 Online Shopping Link

Our Book Fair is nearly here!  This event is a fundraiser for the Elementary Library Program, we thank you for your wonderful support of our program every year!

Class Shopping will be in the Elementary Library Oct 17th-Oct 21st, please refer to the  LIBRARY SCHEDULE link on the menu if you are unsure which day or time your child is coming for their class shopping period. All students (even if your child is not shopping) will come to the library during their library/special time next week.180121_bookaneer_book_fair_clip_art_monkey

Family Shopping Night is Wed Oct 19th 6-8 PM at the Library. Online Shopping will begin Oct 17th and continue two weeks after the physical fair. There will be no tax on items purchased at the fair, online orders are subject to tax. The fair accepts the following payment options:

  • Cash (no tax)
  • Credit Cards (adult use only, do not send credit card with child)
  • Checks Payable to “WYCALLIS ELEMENTARY LIBRARY” (change can be given from checks)



We will have a Teacher Wishlist available for any parents/students who wish to donate a book to their classroom. A binder with lists made by the homeroom teachers, Special Education teachers and Specialists/Specials will be available to view at the fair. Students who purchase for their teacher will sign a book plate to be placed inside the book.


71006_lg_afb_logoWe will be collecting money for the Sinoracki Family as part of our ALL FOR BOOKS donation program...students who donate a dollar will be entered into a Poster Raffle. All money raised through this will be donated directly to Mrs. Sinoracki to assist her family, in memory of Mr. David Sinoracki. Scholastic will then donate double our raised amount to  TOYS FOR TOTS in Wycallis Elementary’s name through this program.

Please send back the slip sent home if you wish your child to o180124_bookaneer_book_fair_clip_art_male_piratenly purchase books: not
book-marks/erasers/posters/gadgets and gizmos a plenty/ whozits and whatzits galore. Please note anything you wish the librarian to know on your envelope or in your baggie.

Staff will be available to be shopping buddies for children who’s parents are not available. Please note that refunds and exchanges will not be given unless granted by the librarian due to special circumstances, so please go over with your child your expectations if you are unable to attend.


Please view the official book fair website for more information:

 Online Shopping Link

THANK YOU!!!! Can’t wait to see you at our fair!!!

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Welcome to October….but what happened in September in Library?

Hello and welcome to my favorite month…October. I love the start of fall weather, the leaves, the haunted hayrides, cider donuts, and of course Book Fair number 1 for the elementary Program! Wycallis’ book fair will be Oct 17th-Oct 21st this year so that is something I am looking forward to!

I can’t believe we are a month away from the second marking period, we have been so busy in Library so far!  We have some new books, features, and faces in library this year.

Staff Updates:

First off, I would like to introduce you to our new Library Aide, Mrs. Louise VanTuyl! Mrs. imageVanTuyl  or “Miss Louise” as she is known to her campers at Kingston Township, comes to us after working in the Wycallis Kindergarten program as a classroom Aide for two years, and working as an Aide at DMS for 8 years prior to this. She is doing a wonderful job, you will never meet someone so kind and joyful! Mrs. VanTuyl will alternate with me weekly, I  will leave her books to share with your students while I am at the other building doing a lesson, and then we will swap buildings the following week. She has a daughter at WES and a son at DHS. Welcome Mrs. V!!!!!

Technology Updates:

The Dallas School district is moving towards updating our technology for the students, and for teacher planning. We have been having Google training, changed  our work emails (, presenting materials and collaborating using Google Drive and Google Docs,  learning the ways of the Google Chrome Book. The tech department shared with me today that both libraries will be receiving a cart of chrome books for the students to use next week. As a Tech nerd who has a degree in Library Science/Information Systems and another  in Instructional Technology I am beyond excited to see this roll out. I am actually typing this on my teacher Chrome Book I was given today actually. The students will be able to share projects with teachers easily and we have been using the computers for our planning across the buildings. We are moving in an awesome direction with technology thanks to the Technology Department and our District  Tech Administrator Mr.Bill Gartell. Very exciting, more on this when I get the carts!

imageThe second tech update for the library is RE: the Attriuum Library Program. This is our second year with the program and I can not be more pleased with the options and abilities of our new program, and that we can contact a very wonderful and responsive tech department (down South so I get to hear lovely Southern Accents when we have issues.) Our previous program was from a company out of Canada, that has been out of business since I started so the librarians and the district technology department were on our own dealing with any problems, so this new program makes us so happy! lol Our PTO volunteers have expressed to me how user-friendly it is for circulation. The student are already pros at searching, using the program to reserve books, and nearly every day I get a message through the program with book suggestions  FROM the students.  The only part of our old program I missed was that it showed students’ photos, making it quicker and easier for check out….but last week I uploaded student pictures to the program! They are last year’s class pictures for 1-5…and photos I took of K getting their books

Book Updates:

I have been working through my catalog cart at DES, and my book order for WES came in, so we have been enjoying all of our new books. We even had a BOOKS AND BREAKFAST at WES for the teachers to see the new books, and I was so happy to share my love and excitement of these new materials with my co-workers, and to get the new books out into the hands of our students


What we have been up to in Library the last month: 

Library Intro lessons are coming to a close. 5th grade has been reading a book called “My Librarian won’t tell us anything” which is about a librarian who makes sure her students are successful and self-sufficient information users, which lead to a review of how to use our library program. We are about to start a book review unit using the new program (after the WES book Fimageair ends) and we will use this book as our theme for the whole year as we look at being critical with online sources, using database and search programs, and how to be a library success story and an informed information user. 4th graders also had a review of the program lesson, and now are looking at making inferences with literature using Chris Van Allsburg books in-connection with the skills and materials used in their reading classes. Third grade has been reading “Joe Bright and the 7 Genre Dudes” which will allow us to discuss 7 book genres throughout the year with project based learning activities. They also have had lessons to introduce them to the AR program.

First and Second graders have been reviewing library behaviors  with the book ‘The Library Lion” and how to choose a “JUST RIGHT BOOK” using the 5 finger rule, and “Goldisocks and the three LiBEARians” and K students have been being introduced to the library and how to use a shelf marker when choosing their library books, and how to take care of books at home, using Sammy the Self Marker and books like “What Happened to Marion’s Book” “Mr. Wiggles Book” and “DW’s Library Book.” K Students have taken home their first library books this month too!  We had so many great times in library this past month, and we have so much more to come!