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Miss Melissa Chrusch

hesartCertified School Library Media Specialist
K-5 Library Teacher

m c h r u s c h @ d s d h s . c o m (remove spaces)

Dallas Elementary School (1-5 Librarian) :

Wycallis Elementary School (K-5  Librarian):

Miss Chrusch’s Education  & Professional Organizations:

  • BA in English: Writing Concentration, from York College of Pa
  • Masters of Science and Information Systems: School Media from SUNY Albany
  • PA Teaching Certificate K-12 Librarian
  • Masters in Education: Instructional Media, from Wilkes University
  • Google Certified Educator
  • Member of the American Library Association (ALA)
  • Member of the American Association of School Librarians (AASL)
  • Member of the Pennsylvania School Librarians Association (PSLA)

2018-2019 Library Aide:
Jenn Dixon               j d i x o n @ d s d h s . c om


New blog posts about events, projects and Library information show up below this introduction post, please keep reading!

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DES Book Fair regular schedule, delay schedule, and online shopping link

The Dallas Elementary Book Fair is scheduled to begin Monday, March 4th, and continue until Friday March 8th. Students are scheduled to attend during their library period as noted below:

Family Shopping Night is Thursday March 7th 6-9 pm

2 hr Delay Schedule

If there is poor weather the Class Book Fair Shopping Times will be adjusted as noted below ….

11:25-11:55 FIFTH GRADE

12:00-12:30 FIRST GRADE

1:00-1:30 FOURTH GRADE

1:35-2:05 SECOND GRADE

2:10-2:40 THIRD GRADE

Cancelled schedule

if school is cancelled the missed classes will be made up at a TBA time. Check back here for more information if this situation occurs.

Online Book Fair:Parents may shop online starting March 4 and continue to shop up to the week after the physical Book Fair ends (March 15).

Online Book Fair link:

Thank you for supporting our Book Fair and our Library Program.

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Book Fair Monday Feb 26-Friday March 2

The Book fair is a week-long shopping event; your child will
come with their class at their regularly scheduled Library Class
Period for 40 minutes. The Fair will be open from 9:00 am-3:30
daily for parents, students who were absent, or any student who
needed to make a purchase (students not scheduled will sent
down at their teacher’s digression.)
Family Shopping Night will be Thursday March 1 st from 6-8 pm,
during the Science Fair and Family Fun Night activities.

Online Book Fair: runs from Friday Feb 24 th – Friday March 9 th Online Purchases will ship to the school after the online fair is over. The Online Fair has books from Pre-K –through Adult, and is great for surprise gifts!


PTO Shopping Volunteers are needed for all classes; proper
clearances are needed to volunteer. Please email: if you would like to volunteer. The PTO
volunteers will do their best to accommodate your child’s
shopping boundaries, but parents shoppers are encouraged to
attend during their child’s shopping time. If you do attend,
please sign in for a visitor’s pass and then proceed directly to the
library. Please do not go to your child’s classroom.
The Book Fair will be taking donations and having a poster raffle
and a book basket raffle to help cover students who are unable
to purchase books due to financial issues, and to help with
students who may need a little for their sales tax. We will also
be taking donations to this fund. Any unused donated money
will be donated to Blue Chip.

New this year: Please note that due to changes in PA State tax
laws, the Book Fair purchases will be subject to sales tax.
Sending your child with an extra dollar or two to cover this
would be helpful to your student and those volunteers trying to
assist your child with their math for their purchases.
Payment may be made in cash or checks payable to PTO/Library
Fund. Credit card payments will only be accepted from the card
holding adult. We ask that no exchanges be made on items
after the child has left the library. Please encourage your child
to examine their merchandise before leaving the library.
Please be aware that Scholastic sends many books not listed on
the order form. Please include any information you would like
us to share with the volunteers on your child’s envelope. If you
wish your child to only purchase books and/or make no
substitutions, please indicate that on the attached form and
submit it in your money envelope, your child will bring this
information with them to the fair.
We will once again be providing Teacher Wish Lists for each of
the classroom teachers, as well as learning support and
specialists. If you would like to purchase a book for your child’s
classroom, please stop by the fair. A special Book Plate will be
placed in the book noting your child’s donation and this
purchase will help build your child’s classroom with the newest
coolest books.

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Book fair this week

Woo! It’s the best time of year in the library, the Annual Scholastic Book Fair begins today and continues until Friday. There is a shopping time set aside for each class (their library time) parents may send money, checks with their students so they may come to the library at the specific time and shop with their students. 

The book fair directly benefits our school library program and allows me to buy some of the most popular and requested books for the students every year.

This year we are doing a pre order for diary of a wimpy 12: the get away, it comes out in November but you can order it through the for a special (PB) price of 8.99 to benefit the school and I will bring it to your student’s classroom when they are published.

We will also be having a night event for family and community shopping: Wed Oct 25th  from 6-8 this year.

This year we are collections donations and running a poster raffle for theTX Library association’s disaster replied fund which provides grants to libraries to help rebuild from Hurricane Harvey. 100 percent of the students’ donations will be given to this cause.  Every year the students have been very excited to find a cause to rally behind!

You may also wish to donate a book to your student’s classroom to help build up classroom libraries with some of the newest books. There is a binder at the fair with teacher wish lists, please ask for assistance and we will help you with your purchase. 
Also we are running an online fair until October 31st to help students who may be sick, on vacation, or unable to come to the physical fair for some reason, this is also a great way for parents to buy some books on the sly (Christmas is coming, too quickly, I’m not ready!!! Lol)  

Thank you for your support of our annual book fair! I hope to see you there!

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Refresh your “Lib Skillz” for the new School Year

Helpful Links for Students and Parents:

About our Libraries

How to Search for Books 

When is my Library Class?

DES Catalog Link: Search for books and check out the new book section
DES Online Public Access Catalog

WES Catalog Link: Search for books and check out the new book section:
WES Online Public Access Catalog

Students and Parents, if you have questions about our 3rd -5th Grade AR Program:
AR Program Information


Parents Interested in Volunteering in the Library:

Volunteer Forms for the Buildings

How to Check Books in and out (11 min tutorial) * Sorry for the voice quality…laryngitis 😉

DES Parent Volunteer Powerpoint

Wycallis Library Volunteer Powerpoint


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2017-2018 Library Class Schedules

2017-2018 Library Schedules DES and WES

2017-2018 Library Class Schedules have been posted, please see the link above to know when your assigned class period is. Students come to library every week for 40 minutes. They will meet with the Librarian  Miss Chrusch, every other week, and trade off with our awesome Library Aide “Miss Louise” Van Tuyl on the alternating weeks.

Parent Volunteers are being accepted for all classes in both buildings, see the Volunteer section above for more information.


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How to be SUPER in library class!

IMG_6995(Starring Mrs. Derr’s 2016-2017 class) SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Always use Shelf Markers.

Shelf markers hold your place when you are trying to decide if you like the book or not. Please leave them in so you know where you took the book from, so you can return it without a mess if you do not want the book. If you decide that is your library book please return the shelf markers to their container.



IMG_6998SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Stand in line and wait their turn.

Be like Batman 😉 Please wait at the library desk area in a straight quiet line and be patient as the Librarian may be away from the desk for a moment or two helping another student.




IMG_7033SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Help each other.

Using the Catalog is a great way to find a book! These Super heroes are working together to find a perfect book! Working together and being kind is ALWAYS SUPER!






SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…are kind and respectful FRIENDS!

Treating everyone with kindness and respect is the number one rule in library. We are a learning community and kindness and friendship makes our community GREAT!!




IMG_7004SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…Choose Just Right Books.

The perfect book for you is waiting! Choosing a just right book isn’t hard but it takes some work. Pick something you are interested in, but also read a page to see if It is a good fit (not too easy not too hard.) You can use the 5 Finger Rule to check. Read a page and put up a finger for every word you DO NOT KNOW. If you have 3-5 Fingers up this book may be too hard.  Using this test you can find a book that matches you PERFECTLY!!


IMG_7007SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Work well in groups

Being able to work in a group is SUPER! Give everyone a chance to participate and treat your group with respect and you will accomplish so much!




When you are finished looking for books work quietly with your group.  Quiet activities include: reading, puzzles, magazines, coloring, looking at yearbooks…



IMG_7014SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…..Read at their tables for DEAR time. 

DEAR means Drop Everything and Read. The last 5 minutes of class is dedicated to quietly reading at your table enjoying the new book you  picked out!




Keep these Rules in Mind and you will have a SUPER LIBRARY CLASS PERIOD!!!! 🙂

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Thank you!!!!

Thank you to the Cook Family for this beautiful creation they gifted me with this  week! I may have cried because it is the sweetest thing I have ever been given in my 11 years teaching! Their kindness knows no limit and their Artistic ability is off the charts too!!! I am beyond appreciative of the wonderful families I have had the great joy of having in my life through teaching and through the PTO library volunteers!   Dallas is filled with amazing people and it truely is a wonderful place to teach!!