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How to be SUPER in library class!

IMG_6995(Starring Mrs. Derr’s 2016-2017 class) SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Always use Shelf Markers.

Shelf markers hold your place when you are trying to decide if you like the book or not. Please leave them in so you know where you took the book from, so you can return it without a mess if you do not want the book. If you decide that is your library book please return the shelf markers to their container.



IMG_6998SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Stand in line and wait their turn.

Be like Batman 😉 Please wait at the library desk area in a straight quiet line and be patient as the Librarian may be away from the desk for a moment or two helping another student.




IMG_7033SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Help each other.

Using the Catalog is a great way to find a book! These Super heroes are working together to find a perfect book! Working together and being kind is ALWAYS SUPER!






SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…are kind and respectful FRIENDS!

Treating everyone with kindness and respect is the number one rule in library. We are a learning community and kindness and friendship makes our community GREAT!!




IMG_7004SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…Choose Just Right Books.

The perfect book for you is waiting! Choosing a just right book isn’t hard but it takes some work. Pick something you are interested in, but also read a page to see if It is a good fit (not too easy not too hard.) You can use the 5 Finger Rule to check. Read a page and put up a finger for every word you DO NOT KNOW. If you have 3-5 Fingers up this book may be too hard.  Using this test you can find a book that matches you PERFECTLY!!


IMG_7007SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS….Work well in groups

Being able to work in a group is SUPER! Give everyone a chance to participate and treat your group with respect and you will accomplish so much!




When you are finished looking for books work quietly with your group.  Quiet activities include: reading, puzzles, magazines, coloring, looking at yearbooks…



IMG_7014SUPER LIBRARY STUDENTS…..Read at their tables for DEAR time. 

DEAR means Drop Everything and Read. The last 5 minutes of class is dedicated to quietly reading at your table enjoying the new book you  picked out!




Keep these Rules in Mind and you will have a SUPER LIBRARY CLASS PERIOD!!!! 🙂


Certified Elementary Librarian supporting the Dallas School District. BA in English for York College of PA, Masters of Science and Information Systems/Library from SUNY Albany and working towards my Masters in Instructional Media from Wilkes. Living in Dallas Pa.

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